Our Emergency Response Mobile App

Our team takes immediate action when they arrive at your location. We provide a detailed assessment and course of action to future-proof your roof. We then communicate all the details to you through our Emergency Response System (ERS).

The ERS means that within 24 hours of completing your emergency repair, we send you photos of exactly what was repaired. We also send you an estimate detailing what it will take to carry out a permanent repair for your emergency problem —  complete service from start to finish.

Next Day Service

In addition, the Emergency Response Mobile App also handles all non-emergency requests for planned roof services, such as preventive maintenance, inspections, repairs or alterations. The “Next Day Service” button allows you to easily submit this type of request.

Service History

The “Service History” button gives you access to a full history of all service requests submitted through the Emergency Response Mobile App. You can access all of the important details, including the time and date, facility and contact information, type of request, the person who requested the service and any notes added by the user.

Stores Contact/Facility Information

The Emergency Response Mobile App saves customers’ basic contact information and the details of their facility (or facilities) on their device, so that multiple service requests and/or multiple facilities only need to enter the information once for each facility.

Multiple Devises per User

For anyone using multiple mobile devices, all information within the app is automatically synchronized between devices, so there’s never a need to update every device manually.

Our Emergency Response System

Our custom-built Emergency Response system (ERS) manages the process and communicates with clients in a timely and efficient manner. We provide an interim ERS report while on-site, allowing the client to see in real time the location of the roof leak and the action taken to repair it.

Our service crews use a custom-built internal app to communicate time of arrival, discussions with contacts on-site, description of the emergency and any action(s) needed to rectify the roof leak. This app allows for more accountability and more efficiency when on-site.

• Emergency Roof Leak Service
• Planned Maintenance and Repairs
• Small Area Replacement Jobs

Within 24 hours of completing an emergency repair, we send a detailed picture report and quotation to the client, explaining the scope of work and a providing a guideline to complete a permanent repair for the emergency problem.

This service is available through our Emergency Response Mobile App, where clients communicate their needs directly to our service department. We co-ordinate a team to respond to the roof leak, with all key information provided through the app. The app provides same-day immediate service or next-day service, storing all contact and facility information. The “Service History” button provides a full history of service requests submitted through the app.

Atlas Guard

Atlas-Apex Roofing’s preventive maintenance program will help you extend the life of your roof and can save you a significant amount of money in the long run. Regular inspections can catch problems before they start, and timely repairs and preventive action can minimize surprise expenditures and maximize the performance and service life of your roof.

Some key advantages of the Atlas Guard program are:

  • Comprehensive visual inspections, performed annually or semi-annually;
  • Detailed condition report, with photos, recommendations and a price quotation;
  • Maintenance and repair work completed by certified experienced professionals;
  • Offered by our Service Division professionals in all our locations across Canada;
  • Supports roof manufacturers’ maintenance requirements for system warranties.

Contact your Atlas-Apex representative for more information about Atlas Guard and take the next step in protecting your valuable roof asset for the long-term.

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